Foreign Worker Recruitment

Dow Immigration provides recruitment and immigration services for local businesses within Canada that recruit Foreign Workers, ensuring that their foreign hires receive required permits and other documentation to work legally in Canada.

We are currently licensed to recruit Foreign Workers in the provinces of Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. Please see below for roles currently available.

Sectors we Serve in Canada

  • Healthcare – We recruit Homecare Workers, Personal Support Workers, Continuing Care Aids, Registered Nurses and other healthcare roles for Canadian employers.
  • Agriculture – We help Canadian businesses to recruit General Farm Workers, Bud Tenders, Seasonal Farm Workers, Vegetable Farm Foreman/woman and Breeding Agronomists and other roles they need to run their businesses efficiently.
  • Hospitality – The Hospitality Sector is in continuous need of Foreign Workers to meet labour demands for Concierges, Event Planner, Restaurant Managers, Chefs, Hotel Managers, Housekeepers, Porters, Waiters/Waitresses etc. We come in to help Canadian businesses source for suitable candidates to fill these roles.
  • Construction We recruit Foreign Workers to meet the increasing need for Construction Labourers, Painters, Brick Masons, Equipment Operators, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Iron Workers and Civil Engineers.
  • Transportation – We help Canadian businesses recruit Drivers for all categories of vehicles, Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics, Cargo and Freight Agents, Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics and Material Moving Machine Operators to meet their operational needs.

Available Roles

Foreign Workers that have experience in our roles and are interested, should send their resumes to, putting the role on the subject line.

There are currently no available roles.


No Compensation for Procuring Employment

Section 2 of the Employment Agencies Act prohibits a person, firm, corporation or association from collecting or receiving directly or indirectly from or on behalf of any person seeking employment or for whom employment has been secured any fee or compensation for persuading, enticing, inducing or procuring or being instrumental in the persuasion, enticing, inducing or procuring or sending or causing to be sent from or to any place within the Province, to or from any place outside the Province, or between any two places within the Province, any person seeking employment, or for giving or furnishing information regarding employers seeking employees or employees seeking employment.